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Lunch Box Leftovers Series 5 Wax Pack

$12.00 / Sold Out

*LIMIT OF 8 PACKS PER HOUSEHOLD UNTIL JUNE 2ND (MIDNIGHT 12:00 AM EST)* On June 2nd you can order as many packs as you want. Will combine multiple orders and partially refund shipping cost.

**Every order will include an official OS5 checklist/odds trading card.
Also, for every 4 PACKS ORDERED you will receive 1 SPECIAL CHASE CARD and 1 giveaway entry.**

4 All New LBL Characters! (Cards 67-70)

4 kiss cut sticker cards and 1 chase card per sealed wax pack
Each pack contains 4 "A" cards + 1 chase or 4 "B" cards + 1 chase
Each card is approximately 2.5" W X 3.5" H
*Every 4 wax packs ordered comes in a sealed Mini Box

Chase card pack odds
C Name 1:3
Foil Parallel (Short Print) 1:3
Error (Overall odds) 1:5
Error (Individual odds, Foil Numbered)
Black & White 1/10 1:8
Black & Yellow 1/5 1:17
Black & Cyan 1/3 1:28
Black & Magenta 1/1 1:83
Printing Plate 1:16
Sketch Card 1:20
Class of 1982 1:40
Die-cut Error 1:50
Triple Logoman 1:333

Limited Edition of 1,000 wax packs (4 wax packs per sealed Mini Box)

Sketch card artists - Anthony Aguilar, Aaron Laurich, Adam Edwards, Andy Ross, Carmen SantaFerrara, Chenduz, Eric Lassen, Eric Medina, Gavin Williams, James Henry, Jason Bryant, Jay O'leary, Kimber Grobman, LaGonza, Mike Laperuta, Mike Ritchey, Nik Muggli, Rob Harris, Steve Crockett, Tim Clinton, Vicent Rappa

*Every wax pack ordered includes 1 LBL redemption point. Collect points and redeem them for Limited Edition Lunch Box Leftovers trading cards! (KEEP READING BELOW FOR UPDATE)

**As mentioned in the last video since we sold out on release day here is what you can expect with your orders.
*8 packs (2mini boxes) - OS5 checklist, both redemption cards, 2 extra chase cards, 2 giveaway entries
*4 packs (1 mini box) - OS5 checklist, R3 redemption card, 1 extra chase card, 1 giveaway entry
*1-3 packs - OS5 checklist, redemption form with corresponding points.