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Lunch Box Leftovers Box, Series 1

$125.00 / Sold Out

24 packs per box (sealed wax packs) (1 base set per box (41A & 41B Cards)
7 cards per pack (5 kiss cut stickers, 1 foil card, 1 coloring card) 1 stick of chase gum
10" x 14" folded poster
One of a kind Printing plate used in the manufacturing of series 1

Limited Edition of 200 Boxes

(Typo: Box lists 6 cards per pack- actually 7)

Series 1 Contains:
90 Kiss cut Sticker cards (41A, 41B, 8C) (OFFSET PRINTING)
90 Foil cards (parallel set)
90 Coloring Cards (parallel set)
6 Super Chase Sticker Cards (01D-06D) (Hot Foil Headers)
27 Sticks of Monster Chew Chase Gum
Error Cards