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Totally radical! Fresh from your parents attic.

Everything you need to start your G.P. Kay collection off correctly sealed on a 6" x 9" card back .
No 2 kits are exactly the same but will include the following items;
1986 Cheap toy and crummy candy (sealed) New old stock
1986 GPK Button (sealed) New old stock
1986 Imperial Stick-on
1985 Series 1 Mini GPK Sticker trading card
3 Randomly selected OS GPK stickers
1 broken piece of Stale Gum (Wax pack fresh)

Also includes 1 personalized Awesome 80s Laminated Membership card with secret decoder on the back. Card holders will have the opportunity for special discounts and giveaways. *For anyone who is not currently a member
*Card name will match name used to submit your order unless otherwise noted in the checkout comments.

Limited Edition of 24 signed and numbered by the artist.